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Welcome to Project Excelsior


'Become the best you that you can be!'











We provide a platform for people oriented towards a growth mindset and personal development in a community that is safe, inclusive, and free from negativity.


Project Excelsior is a company, where individuals from day one, are provided with the support and assistance they need through personal development, growth oriented mindsets and taking actions to assist them in becoming the empowered success story they know they can be.


The culture of this company is free from the prevalent negativity and toxicity you often see out there in there in the working/social world and we work towards eliminating and filtering that out as much as possible and providing a platform for people to grow and excel in their own way and in their own time, in a positive, developmental environment from the first moment they join us.


What makes us different from our competitors is that this growth mindset culture forms the core of all our activities with everything we do, the people we work with, sponsorship of not for profit organisations, networking and affiliation with external businesses, even with our future community based people projects in order to maintain this culture and help the community grow and be better.

Below is an overview of the information you'll find here on this website;

About - Here you will find information on our founder and intentions for a team.

Services - Here is information showing aspects of our sections, the company, the club and the trust.

Projects - In this section we showcase the projects we want to work on.

Members Only -You will only be able to access this section if you join the website.

Contact - If you'd like to know more then go here.

All images on this website are courtesy of Wix unless otherwise specified.

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